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Trade in Value


Having a car that you can trade in toward your new car purchase is one way to come up with a lot of cash to knock down the price. A new car is a huge purchase for anyone, no matter how much you make, and having any extra cash to put toward the down payment is a big help.

If you’ve never traded in a car, you might be anxious about the process, but it’s really much simpler than most people think. Baldwin Park Ford and many dealerships actually offer a tool on their websites where customers can find the value of the car they’d like to trade in before they come to the dealership.

Using the tool on the dealership’s website is a breeze. Simply access the site at, and visit the financing section. There you’ll find the form and there will be three easy steps to filling it out. First, describe your vehicle with basic information like make, model, and year. Next go through the different options and condition of your car.

Finally, provide your contact information so that after someone at the dealership assesses your vehicle with the information you provided, they can get in touch to share the car’s value. Your car’s value will be sent to you via the email address you provide and if you know what car you’d like to buy and are happy with the car’s value, you can then visit the lot and they will confirm your car’s trade in value.

Trading in your car toward a new one helps not only you afford the new car but helps someone who needs something less expensive get a car in great condition because the dealership will inspect the car and then resell it on their lot.

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