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Toroid Common Mode Choke Provides The Highest Common Mode Impedence

You’ll find common-mode chokes being used often in automotive CAN networks to increase system reliability. Products like these are always designed and manufactured to comply with IEEE802.3 and ANSI standards. Electromagnetic interference emitted through the CAN transceiver can be filtered, and this means unwanted high-frequency noise on the communication bus being limited. The use of a common-mode choke can also be used to improve the susceptibility of the transceiver to electromagnetic disturbances on the bus.

Toroid common mode chokes are electronic components and Allied Components International is always extending their product range. Their high temp and low loss toroids and common mode chokes are included. You simply have all the options you need. This particular component is made up of a circular magnetic core of iron powder or other materials around which wire is coiled to make an inductor. Toroid coils are used in many applications. Common mode chokes are used when a lot of electrical devices are connected to the same power lines and electrical noise exists on the lines. Line filters stop excessive noise being conduced between the AC line and electronic equipment. Common mode chokes are so designed that common mode current creates a magnetic flux that adds to CM noise signal.

Suited for Application Requiring High DC Current Bias

Toroid common mode chokes are ideal for applications requiring a high DC current bias. The toroid common mode choke is well suited to be used in switch mode power supplies. Toroid common mode chokes are designed so as to provide the highest common mode impedence over the widest frequency range.

Design Requirements for a Toroid Inductor:

– fuel load inductance in uH
– no load inductance in uJ
– DC current in Amperes
– Operating frequency is required for core calculations and wire sizing
– AC current in amperes peak to peak

Toroid common mode chokes are the high performers among inductors, offering the smallest size and lowest electromagnetic interference (EMI). Their windings cool better due to the larger surface area. Windings less than 360 degrees exhibit more EMI. Toroid inductors with a round core cross section perform better than a toroid inductor with a rectangular cross section. As winding turns are positioned further from the core less complete turn-to-turn coupling occurs.

Toroid inductors are used in any inductor application where its shape can be accommodated, however they aren’t always practical for all applications. Generally speaking toroid inductors are more expensive than bobbin inductors.

Toroid common mode chokes are light, cool and efficient, with its winding construction geometry helping with lowering electromagnetic interference (EMI). One of their many advantages is that the toroid common mode choke is audibly quiet, reducing the noise for surrounding sensitive electronic components. Used for filtering harmonics from main signals in electrical applications, their impedance increases when frequency increases. The choke is also used for smoothing the voltage and current ripples at AC/DC linear power supplies.

Many Advantages

The Toroid common mode choke offers many advantages over regular laminated power transformers, providing quiet and efficient operation with low stray magnetic fields. It is their small size which supports a package that is easy to design into any application. Because toroid cores are made of a continuously wound ribbon, there is almost no air gap. The windings are evenly wrapped over the entire core and this is what allows the transformer to operate at a higher flux density than in standard transformers. Allied Components International designs and manufactures a generous range of quality components used in networking, telecommunications and many other applications in the commercial and industrial markets.

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