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What to look for when selecting insurance for your boat?

There is nothing as exhilarating and yet calming as boating. Boating in a rowing boat is also one of the best exercises and is great for muscular toning as well as cardiovascular exercise. According to a data of National Marine Manufacturers Association in the year 2010, almost 75 million people participated in recreational boating at some point in the year in the US and its popularity in the UK doesn’t trail far behind. If you are a sports lover and want to cruise the seas in a boat of your own there are few tips for you in order to look exactly what you should do while selecting a boat for yourself.


A large number of property and casualty companies provide boat insurance. Taking insurance of a runabout is common then buying auto insurance. You may also save money while taking a boat policy with your home or four wheeler insurance. If your boat is less than 300 you can also take one or more policies, you can save around 10 percent on first and 15 percent of your second policy. Boat insurance is however technically not a legal requirement in the UK. As a result it is not as clean cut as car insurance where you choose the cheapest quote and that will do. Whether you need dinghy insurance or yacht insurance it is worth going to a specialist boat insurance company and seeing what they can do to protect your assets.

Which kind of boat you have

The policies of insurance of boats vary from one to other. So please take full information while taking any policy, because only then you will be able to get benefits of the accidental or insurance cover. There are various boats like a fishing boat, Jet Ski, party boat, yacht and even a boat house. Always keep your eyes and ears open while taking any kind of policy, this habit will always save you from any kind of economic harm.

Look for more options than just boat

While purchasing a boat, always look at insuring other related facilities such as navigation system, life jackets and other related tools. Don’t forget to take coverage for your boat trailer, because trailers can also be stolen and if you have covered this, your money will be reimbursed.

How liable is it

In the unfortunate event of an accident you will need to know that your insurance will cover your liability. While boat insurance is not a legal requirement you will need it to navigate most inland waterways, and mooring in most harbours. You will also need to check that you are suitability covered for any potential injuries to your crew.  Do the research necessary so see that your insurance provider is giving all the benefits you would like. And, importantly, where does it stand in comparison to other boat insurance companies. What are the services provided to the customers? Always try to go for a marine insurance provider who has a large network in this field. Also, look for the other service provided to you in the case of an emergency. Always choose a company which is regarded highly in standards and ratings.

Always understand your policy

Price is always important for everyone. So before taking any kind of police understand all the terms and conditions of marine insurance policy. This will not make you get in trouble; you will also have a relaxed mind free of hustles. Always go with the best plans, this will give you to the best policy protection.

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