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Tips on Starting a Walking Club

Do you enjoy the great outdoors?  Are you a regular walker or just wish you were? Maybe it’s time to ramp up your existing walking regime, or start one, with a group of like-minded friends.  If you live in an area with an abundance of parks or walking trails within a half hour, you have the perfect location for initiating a walking club. Follow these suggestions from the health experts to get your gang in gear.

The first step is to establish a day and time of the week for your walk. For  those working outside the home, evening hours are best, for those with flexibility, morning hours work as well.  Once you assemble your group of walkers, establish a private social media page to receive information about the scheduled walks, locations and members. Enlist friends, friends of friends, neighbors and coworkers to join the group. It’s a small commitment for a big return. The group can certainly decide on the specifics of organization, but it’s always more productive to have one person step up as a leader to launch the group. The more members, the more likely it will be a social group. This is also great, just make sure everyone is aware of the objectives of the group.

Set the tone up front on whether these are intended to be rigorous walks or hikes or more leisure. Gauge distance and time abilities and constraints within the group. It’s most fun when everyone is near or at the same fitness level. Have each member give an indication of their fitness level. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and head over to Famous Footwear for a great selection of athletic shoes.  Have each member signup for a week to select the walking path either at a local park or neighborhood and post the directions as well as the starting time on the social media page for all to access. Best of luck getting fit together with your buddies!

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