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Why Your Wife will Love the Ford Fusion

Colleyford 3.1jpeg It doesn’t matter whether you are going to purchase an older model Ford Fusion or whether you’re going to go for the new 2016 version, your wife is going to love it. You also have options for many other fine Ford vehicles at the Pomona Ford.

One of the biggest factors that distress many women when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle is when they go to turn it on and it makes all kinds of noise. What many women love about the Ford Fusion is that when they turn the key it is so quiet they’re not even sure whether they have started it. They will be assured that they are ready to go with the ready to drive message that will appear on the central screen.

Colleyford 3.2jpegAnother big factor that your wife is going to enjoy is the backup capabilities that she’s going to have which puts the car in reverse. The minute that she does this the rear view camera is going to appear for her and give her all the directions that she needs to park the vehicle conveniently. This really helps to relieve a lot of the stress for the women that have to do city driving and have to be looking in several different directions at once when trying to park.

Another great feature that it gives them confidence in is the can detect obstacles that are in front of the vehicle. For those that don’t like this they can simply turn the sensor off as that they have that option.
Another impressive feature that really appeals to the woman driver is the electric power assisted steering. While it still makes them feel like they are in control of the vehicle it makes it easier for them especially when they have a lot of driving to do.

Colleyford 3.3jpegWhile you are going to be confident in knowing that when your wife is driving the Ford Fusion that her safety is maximized, you’re also going to take pleasure in knowing that while she may have a lot of driving needs that this vehicle is fuel efficient. When you add up all of these benefits and features that are not only applicable to the female driver but to the male as well or the young inexperienced driver, it has a lot to offer. Check out the great Ford vehicles at

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