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5 New Car Maintenance Tips

A new car is a major investment. Thus, it is only right that you pay special care and attention to the new car maintenance. Regardless of what you do, it is highly unlikely that the car will stay “new”, but with proper maintenance you can keep it looking “like new”. The better you maintain your car, the higher its resale value will be. Or, if you have no intention of getting rid of the car, the longer you’ll keep getting compliments on it.

Read and follow the new car maintenance schedule in your manual. These instructions in the owner’s manual are written with your vehicle in mind and they are based on the advice given by engineers who designed the car. When you follow this maintenance schedule, you can keep your car in great shape for a longer period of time.

Keep up with your oil changes. The intervals for oil changes will be in your manual so you should be doing this anyway, but in many ways this is the most important of all the new car maintenance procedures. The car engine is usually most expensive vehicle part to repair or replace. There are few things that you can do to better protect your engine from breakdown than to keep the oil changes up to date. Dirty oil can cause damage to the engine.

Perform visual inspections. In between regular maintenance visits to the mechanic, it is recommended that you do your own visual inspections. Walk around your car and take note of any dings or scrapes. If you catch these before they become a bigger problem, they can be fixed relatively easily with auto paint from Arcrite Paints. Check all your lights to ensure they are working properly. Check your tires to see if there are any areas of unusual wear. This can indicate the presence of some mechanical issues, and it is best that you address those issues as early as possible. Open your engine compartment and see whether the engine itself is clean. A clean engine will be able to dissipate heat better and that will help it to last longer.

Pay special attention to the transmission maintenance schedule. Aside from the car engine, transmission repairs are quite likely the second most expensive mechanical repair on a car. Very often, transmission problems are caused by poor maintenance of the transmission. As such, you can save money in the long run by making sure you keep your transmission maintenance on schedule.

Other than a house, the purchase of a new car is likely to be the next biggest investment that an average person will make in his/her lifetime. Keeping up to date with a new car maintenance schedule can be likened to that of an insurance policy which helps to protect the vehicle. Although this won’t prevent all problems from cropping up, it will enable you to catch most of them before they turn into an issue.

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