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Tips for Winter Car Protection

I went with a fabric with many enduring qualities, here is what it offers:

The base fabric with high resistance, the polyester is naturally UV resistant. To make the car cover resistant to harsh sunlight, UV inhibitors have to be added to polymers to slow degradation of natural origin.

* Time – Fabric throws water when it comes to the car cover, leave your car dry.

* Superior Dry Season – Because the car upholstery throws moisture, it has an absorption factor of only 2% compared to 40% for standard woven and nonwoven fabrics. That is, if the car cover was sitting outside in the rain, just shake and it is almost dry.

* Breathable – The car cover fabric does not heat or condensation that builds up easily escape under the cover.

* UV resistant – Special additives to prevent UV degradation of tissues while protecting the color and the interior of your vehicle.

* Anti Dust – The fabric of patented fibrous encapsulation automotive coating prevents the filter dust through the cloth.

* Scratch-less – The polymers provide a smooth and silky surface of the fabric and the protection of the top paint. The substance was tested at 1000 cycles on abrasive wheels without stripes (surface must be clean and waxed).

* Durable – The encapsulation process is not affected by heat or cold, and the process is not about the life of the car break down tissue.

* Easy care – Unlike nonwovens, you can clean most automatic car covers in your home washer and dryer.

* Packs small and light – The bag packed in 1/4 the volume of standard multi-layer non-woven fabrics 2.1.

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